Easton Group unveils new corporate brand identity

Easton Group has announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website. This new combined group brings together the various business activities of the Easton family under a single banner to help drive growth as it approaches its fiftieth anniversary.

Tracing its roots back to 1974 when Chairman, Kenny Easton, first started in business, the Easton Group’s vision is to create thriving communities through the successful implementation of its portfolio, which includes over 350 residential and commercial properties, and a collection of private equity investments in successful trading businesses.

The Dundonald based group has now been structured into three core areas of residential housing, commercial property, and private equity investments, which are represented by the group’s three operating divisions: Easton Housing, Easton Property, and Easton Capital.

Easton Housing is the group’s residential property division and provides affordable homes to families throughout Ayrshire. As a private housing provider, Easton Housing prioritises the welfare of its tenants by ensuring its homes are family ready, and offers long-term tenancies that creates security of tenure and allows tenants to create a safe and comfortable environment for their family home.

Easton Property is the group’s commercial property and development arm, which has commercial properties located throughout Scotland. The commercial portfolio supports a mixture of tenants including bespoke local traders, large businesses, and national retailers. Easton Property has adopted a unique entrepreneurial approach to property and has a proven track record of adding value and enhancing portfolio performance by completing challenging investment and development projects, and by actively managing its assets in partnership with its tenants.

The Easton family has been investing in businesses across Scotland since the 1980s, and Easton Capital is its newly formed private equity division that has been created to consolidate these investments and help accelerate their growth. Easton Capital’s portfolio includes investments in the green economy, healthcare, whisky production, and baby essentials.

The Easton Group has plans to grow further by expanding across all three divisions. It continues to seek opportunities in the residential and commercial property markets, and develop its private equity portfolio by providing long term capital to support high growth businesses.

“I am delighted to witness the next stage in our family business. Since I first started out in 1974, I have always sought growth business opportunities and I am proud to see the next generation taking the baton forward with determination and vigour. We have a very strong and capable team at Easton Group, and I am confident that we will continue to deliver successfully for the business, as well as our staff, clients, partners, and community, both now and in the future.”

Kenny Easton

Chairman at Easton Group

“It is an exciting time to be involved in our business and I am very pleased to be part of an organisation that has grown so successfully across many different sectors. The strength of the Easton Group is due to the robust work ethic of our dedicated staff that, combined with entrepreneurial spark, drives our determination to always find a way to succeed.”

Peter Easton

Senior Director at Easton Group

“The consolidation of our activities under a single Easton Group banner is a great opportunity to supercharge our business. We have a very ambitious growth strategy mapped out and plan to drive expansion across all three of our operating divisions to become one of Scotland’s leading family businesses. I would like to thank all our staff and partners who have assisted in our success to date and who encourage our future plans.”

Steven Easton

Senior Director at Easton Group